Following a Request for Proposals competition in May, GROW Capital Jobs selected the consulting firm of DecideSmart, led by Dr. Bob Holsworth to prepare its Economic Growth and Diversification Plan. His team includes Chmura Economics & Analytics specifically for the required data research and analysis.

The target for completing the plan for Region 4's Council approval was its August 25 meeting. The state Board of GO Virginia approved the regional plans at its September 12 meeting.

To read the plan (108 total pages), click on the link below.

The Executive Summary is pp 3-8. The Prologue is pp 9-12

Part I—Background Data is pp 13-59, which includes Industry Clusters (pp 32-43) and Workforce Skills and Job Gaps (pp 44-58)

Part II—Stakeholder Engagement is, pp 68-103, which includes Workforce (pp 68-77), Clusters (pp 78-91), Innovation (pp 92-98), and Sites and Buildings (pp 99-103).

The Framework for Moving Forward is pp 104-07.

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